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**SIGNING UP**:  This paragraph here are for the people that click the "sign up" button at fan page...wanting to find out how to sign up to use the AHBW4U fan page. By the way in case you wondered, yes the happy birthday gifts are free to use that are on the fan page.  There is no fee to use the page. If you like you are welcome to like or follow the page, your choice. All I do ask please if you find this page useful and enjoyable will you please make a small donation to the page when you are able to.  In the mean time you are always welcome to use the free happy birthday video clips and e-cards on the page as you please.


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Even though yes the hbday videos and e-cards are free to use that I post on the page. I do offer some for a small download fee of 1.59 and 1.35. The videos that are just animated (gif) without a hbday song in it are cheaper to buy at 1.35. Maybe if you don't want to make a donation perhaps you will buy some of the happy birthday video files to download. Its your choice and never no pressure. Please scroll down to check them out below.


By downloading the happy birthday video files to your hard drive this will enable you to be able to upload it directly to your friend or family Facebook timelines on their birthdays. No more having everyone comments on it that have shared the same happy birthday videos with others from AHBW4U fan page. Also, on each video I make and post to the fan page...I do include links to websites. Some may not like that when they share them but this is my way to hopefully help with keeping the fan page going, that's all. If you buy and download the happy birthday video files than there will be no comments from strangers on it and website links attach to them. Please consider buying the video files. I also have a shop on my fan page where you can shop for birthday gifts for your love ones. Please check that out as well. Animated Happy Birthday Wishes 4U Gift Shop



If you have any questions you can send me a private message by clicking

the "message" button located at the top of the AHBW4U fan page to the right.

Thank you for your time and have a good day!

Peace, Love & Hugs!

Sincerely yours,

Jan Davis



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