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**SIGNING UP**:  This paragraph here are for the people that click the "sign up" button at fan page...wanting to find out how to sign up to use the AHBW4U fan page. By the way in case you wondered, yes the happy birthday gifts are free to use that are on the fan page.  There is no fee to use the page. If you like you are welcome to like or follow the page, your choice. All I do ask please if you find this page useful and enjoyable will you please make a small donation to the page when you are able to.  In the mean time you are always welcome to use the free happy birthday video clips and e-cards on the page as you please.



Perhaps you may wonder who is behind this fan page? Well, let me introduce myself to you.  Hi, I'm Jan Davis the page owner and creator of  Animated Happy Birthday Wishes 4u  fan page on Facebook. Its just me behind this page that makes the happy birthday videos and cards.  I'm no big million dollar company with employees that help me run the page. I may be a little slow getting back with you in case you message me. Please just bear with me on this. I try to do the best I can but I have those days where my health is not so great. I do my page because I feel its my life purpose so here I am. I love to see people happy, smiling and laughing and uplifting their spirits. I want to make sure people are thought of on their special day that only comes once a year. In return this makes me happy and feeling worthwhile in life again.



After becoming disabled many years ago it made me depress, anxious and feeling worthless in life. I got hit walking across the street by a phantom speed racer motorcycle coming speedily down the street on its side with no one on it.  To this day I am not sure really what happened. All I do know that day changed my life forever! I became disabled, no longer able to work or walk at that time. There was no law suit or anything like that. I lost a lot of things in life except the most important thing...that being my life! I am so thankful and grateful to God for sparing my life. I love living and I'm blessed! I needed something in life to make me feel good about myself.  Well, God bless me with this gift of being creative. I make my hbday gifts from the heart with love for all.



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Oh by the way please don't be mad at me or offended for just being for real. I'm just real with my feelings. I want people to see that I am a real person behind this page and no robot. Sometimes people forget that out here and can be mean and rude to me. Just remember I have a heart, a soul and feelings, so please be nice if you can. If not remember what mom told you if you don't have anything nice to say, its best to say nothing and keep it moving in life, ok.  



It can be a real struggle to keep my page going but I must keep at it. It takes money and time to make my happy birthday gifts. I'm disabled on a small fixed disability income so I am limited to what I can do in life. Yes this may be a little TMI for some but I want to be understood in life by people. So that means explaining and opening up, that's all. So don't be mad about that. Being that I am on a small fixed income...that is why I try to sell gifts for people to buy. I have the happy birthday video files and beautiful Snap To It! jewelry. Hopefully you will take time out and stop at the shop (please see link below) or visit my website! I really appreciate people being a fan of my page and sharing the beautiful happy birthday videos and e-cards I make. I am so grateful for you all and I appreciate you all.



Even though yes the hbday videos and e-cards are free to use that I post on the page. I do offer some for a small download fee of 1.59 and 1.35. The videos that are just animated (gif) without a hbday song in it are cheaper to buy at 1.35. Maybe if you don't want to make a donation perhaps you will buy some of the happy birthday video files to download. Its your choice and never no pressure. Please scroll down to check them out below. By downloading the happy birthday video files to your hard drive this will enable you to be able to upload it directly to your friend or family Facebook timelines on their birthdays. No more having everyone comments on it that have shared the happy birthday videos with others from AHBW4U fan page. I also have a shop on my fan page where you can shop for birthday gifts for your love ones. Please check that out as well. Animated Happy Birthday Wishes 4U Gift Shop



If you have any questions you can send me a private message by clicking the "message" button located at the top of the AHBW4U fan page to the right. Thank you for your time and have a good day!

Peace, Love & Hugs!

Sincerely yours,

Jan Davis







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